Ikaros is a quarterly published philosophy-themed journal that strives to create a forum for an analytical and open discussion about the role of science in our society. Engaging in a discussion about the natural, human, and social sciences is important because they are not isolated from society but rather integral parts of our everyday lives. The journal has been published since 2004, initially as a science supplement to Ny Tid and as an independent publication since 2010.

The redesign not only modernized the layout but also carefully considered the target audience, which includes academics and an older demographic. The new layout significantly increased the font sizes to enhance readability and accessibility.

Issue 2 Theme: Space
Issue 3 Theme: Populism and popularization
Issue 4 Theme: Sound

Client: Ikaros
Year completed: 2023
Category: Print, Other

Christoffer Steffansson

Salla Aldrin Salskov
Johan Ehrstedt
Natan Elgabsi
Ylva Gustafsson
Lars Hertzberg
Marika Kivinen
Robin Lybeck
Hugo Strandberg
Emma Strömberg

174 x 247 mm
64 pages + cover

Lessebo Design 250 g/m²
Munken Print Cream 15 80 g/m²

Laica by Dinamo
Syncro by Out of the Dark
Eurostile Candy by Linotype
Mercure by ABYME
Diatype by Dinamo