Etsitkö Töitä?

Searching for a Job? (Etstitkö Töitä? in Finnish) is an art project by documentary filmmaker Juhani Haukka and theater director and musician Lauri Antti Mattila that turns employment into art by questioning the concept of work. The art piece offered a two-month grant to eight people that got to do exactly the job they want. The participatory piece explores new forms of work, beyond the profit based logic of the market economy – detached from capital.

The visual identity needed to be multi-layered, so it ideally would appeal to a large audience. On one level it needed to represent something formal that fits into the job market category. We also wanted to have a second layer that would engage the contemporary art scene.

Client: Etsitkö Töitä
Year completed: 2020
Category: Identity, Print, Other

Juhani Haukka
Iines Korhonen
Visa Knuuttila
Lauri Antti Mattila
Sari Paljakka
Menni Renvall
Oula Rytkönen
Pilvi Tyrväinen