DIA was an open-air club and hangout spot that Helsinki had been missing for years. Beyond being a destination for drinks and food, DIA tried to redefine the city's nightlife by curating an atmosphere where quality music and community radio broadcasts blended seamlessly.

The visual identity was a fusion between modern elements and a hazy feel of nostalgia. The name DIA refers to the photographic slides (or diapositives) that were used in reversal film by brands such as Kodachrome. The focus was on making an identity that looks great in motion since the graphic material primarily was found online (except for the posters around Helsinki). The motion design initially intended to mimic how old projectors show dia slides, though the animations grew more intricate by time. The blurred layer on the digital line-up posts also became a part of the static identity.

Client: DIA
Year completed: 2021
Category: Motion, Print, Digital, Identity, Website

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